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Many people are fond of antique or vintage, art craft, and handmade products, and they find such products in the market. The sad part is they end up purchasing items that are either replicas of their vintage era or are not antique at all. Considering this major missing factor, the Etsy platform is made, giving a platform for sellers to come up with their products, for example, bags, home decor items, jewelry, furniture, etc.., and buyers can use the same to purchase products. However, queries flow from here to there, such as how to contact Etsy as a seller or a buyer, ways to resolve technical issues, etc., so the given discussion will guide you:

How can I contact Etsy?

The most prominent way to contact the support team is through dialing Etsy contact number (718) 855-7955. Once you dial the phone number, certain IVRs will be laid down; for example, press 0 to pick your regional language, and so on and so forth. However, one IVR will let you connect with the representative (Press # to connect with a live person) to whom you can pose all your service-related queries. 

Other possible ways to speak to someone at Etsy Help Desk

There are different techniques to speak to someone at Etsy. People often look forward to contacting them for certain reasons such as subscription, its charges, methods to register grievances, etc.; hence, in the below ways, you will explore all the possible modes which you can adopt to forward your concerns. Please have a look: 

Get in touch via Etsy phone number

It is always recommended to any seller or buyer of Etsy if they experience any issue or trouble or want to know the norms to sell their products on the platform, all they have to do is to dial Etsy customer service number  (718) 855-7955. This will help you to connect with the agent swiftly. 

Send your question to Etsy’s customer email address

If you are unable to get a response on a phone call (which is rare), you can also try sending your questions related to Etsy’s services, platforms, products, charges, etc., to their email address and have to wait for a few days until the agent receives it and gives a response. You must brief your concerns in a structured manner, so it is comprehended to others. 

Know the Corporate office address of Etsy

A need to visit the corporate office of Etsy can fall anytime. Sometimes, someone who wants to register his/her business is asked to visit the corporate office to submit all the documents, or there can be other reasons. Hence, the office address of Etsy is 117 Adams Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA. 

Official website of Etsy

The official website of Etsy is “” You can visit there to explore more about its services offerings; both a seller and a buyer can avail of its services as it is an e-commerce website. 

FAX number

You can also forward the Fax to Etsy phone number at +442035142331. However, you must write it down and send all the necessary documents. You are requested to send your documents via Fax only after a consultation with an agent. 

Connect via the live chat with Etsy.

You can contact Etsy customer service on a live chat as well. For that, you have to browse its website, where you have to go to the Help Center in order to get a live chat box. There, you have to explain your concerns in a comprehensive way so the representative can understand your query and provide you with proper resolutions. 

What are the reasons to call an Etsy support representative? 

Etsy is an e-commerce site and it allows you to buy or purchase vintage products, including furniture, handmade gifts, etc. You can call their representative for reasons which are numerous in numbers. So, to explore them, you can delve into the points provided below:

  • Order status— You can call the customer service team to know the status of your placed order on Etsy. After that, you will have the complete updated status report. 
  • Account trouble— If you are unable to log in to your Etsy account, you can approach the support team to learn its methods. 
  • Return/Cancel— You can also inquire with the agent about the product’s refund or cancel policy. This can help you to avoid any hassle. 

What is Etsy's phone number?

The most convenient mode to reach the support team is via dialing the Etsy customer service number live person (718) 855-7955. You will find a live person who will listen to your concerns and offer valid instructions. 

How do I complain to Etsy directly? 

You can get Etsy help with orders or file a complaint directly on Etsy if you have found any damaged orders. However, some steps are to be followed in order to complain at Etsy’; please have a look to learn about it;

Complaint via the Etsy official website:

You can place a complaint request on Etsy directly, and for that, consider the steps provided below:

  • Sign in to your Etsy account to begin the mode. 
  • Click on the “Listing page” where you have ordered an item. 
  • Choose the product for which you want to file a complaint. 
  • Add a reason or a note and submit it. 

NOTE: It may take around 3-5 business days to get back to the buyer of the product with valid resolutions. However, the days may vary, so get in touch with the Etsy seller support team; their phone number is (718) 855-7955. 

Does Etsy have a phone number?

Yes, there is an Etsy customer service phone number that you can save and dial to know your order status, payment, etc. However, you must dial in the operational hours so you are connected without any hassle. 

Is Etsy 24/7 customer service? 

The customer service hours of Etsy vary from region to region. Hence, if you want to know whether it serves 24/7 assistance in your region, you can browse the official website, where you can check the same. However, in most regions, it offers 24*7 customer assistance. 

What is the waiting time for Etsy customer service?

If you want Etsy help with orders, you try to connect with them. This generates a general query, the time frame which is taken to connect with Etsy customer service. So, usually, it will take around 4-6 minutes to connect over a call, while the waiting time varies from region to region. 

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