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Amazon is one of the best e-commerce accounts that makes you able to purchase and sell items conveniently. It makes you remember what you have bought and saved. It helps you put your favorite items into your shopping cart to purchase next. But if you need some help with the purchased products and services, you can dial the Amazon customer service phone number at 1-866-216-1072 and share your crucial concern to get the answer from a representative. Thus, you will get help to track the items you want to purchase after creating your Amazon account and get complete service comfortably.

How do I unlock my Amazon account?

When you create your Amazon account, you can easily log in using its correct user ID and password. But if you can’t access it due to not entering the proper credential, it could be locked due to entering the wrong information several times. You will learn here the essential tricks to fix Amazon account-locked issues and quickly unlock your account. 

To unlock your Amazon account, you are required to go through the steps provided by the experts listed below.

  • First, visit the Amazon account sign-in page.
  • Log in to the section to enter the credential to access your account.
  • If you cannot access it, click on Need Help.
  • Select the forgot password button.
  • Enter the mobile phone number.
  • You will receive a verification code on your phone that you need to enter and verify your account quickly.
  • Receive a message of verification that you need to confirm.
  • Get a link to enter the new password into the required fields.
  • You will go back to the log-in page, enter the user ID and password to access your Amazon account, and go to your items to purchase securely.

Why would my Amazon account be locked?

When you cannot access your Amazon account, which has been locked, you must know the reason for a locked account and call Amazon for Help to get it back soon. You must review the points and secure the necessary details when your Amazon account is locked.

  • When your Amazon account is disabled, it usually happens in an attempt to limit fraud or unauthorized transactions.
  • Amazon detects suspicious activities on your account; it may lock your account to protect all the information and keep it protected every time.
  • It continuously checks the type of activities that may lead to a lock in your account, including entering the wrong login details several times.
  • As a new user making numerous unusual orders, someone has tried to hack your Amazon account, etc.  
  • If you still need some help and ask how do I talk to a real Amazon customer service person, you must go through the contact details and share your queries to get the answer instantly.

What happens when Amazon disables your account?

If your Amazon account is disabled and you don’t know what will happen after that, you must go through the suitable points below.  

  • When your Amazon Account is disabled for any reason, you will not have access to your account and cannot check the items you need to purchase.
  • If you don’t reactivate your Amazon account with time, it removes the information of the products you have stored on your account.
  • Amazon can temporarily or permanently suspend your account, and you cannot search the products or place any order. 
  • After deactivating your Amazon account, you receive a notice to verify your identity for a second time to reactivate your account. 

You must resolve technical issues for your account and contact Amazon Customer Service for help restoring access and avoid deactivating your account. You can ask for help using your email and password associated with your Amazon account to access the saved products you want to purchase conveniently.

How do I reset my Amazon Password if it's locked?

Resetting your Amazon password when it is locked for your Amazon account and getting complete help securely is normal. You will go to password assistance, where you need to enter the correct phone number or email address to verify the contact details and easily reset your locked Amazon Account password when it is locked. To reset the password conveniently, go through the simple steps below.

  • Visit the Amazon account sign-in page.
  • Enter the user ID and password to access.
  • If you cannot access it, enter the security questions into the forgot password button.
  • You need to answer the security queries correctly and choose the password reset section.
  • It asks you to enter the new password into both the unknown and confirm password fields and complete the reset task efficiently.

How do I reset my Amazon password on my phone? 

If you want to reset your Amazon password on your phone, you will learn the simple steps provided below.

  • First, ensure you have opened Amazon account app on your phone and go to the log-in section on your device.
  • You will check with a specific user ID and password to access, but if you cannot access it, select the forgot password tab.
  • Enter your registered mobile phone or email address to access and verify your account.
  • You will receive a link to enter the new password into both the new and confirm password fields.
  • After resetting the password, log in to your Amazon account conveniently.

If you still find trouble in resetting your Amazon password on your phone and don’t know what to do, contact Amazon customer representative to request help for the password and resolve the issue conveniently.

How do I recover my Amazon account without a phone number? 

If you want to recover your Amazon account without a phone number, you can try to recover it with different resources. You can contact customer service for extra account security, consider settings up two-step verification and recover your account smoothly. To avoid trouble, go through the steps below.

  • First, visit the Amazon account sign-in page and try to enter the remembered user ID and password.
  • If you cannot access it, click on Need Help, select the forgot password button, and go to the two-step verification account recovery shown on the same page.
  • Select another device and enter the mobile phone number to verify the device and get the verification message.
  • You will get an allowance to recover your Amazon account and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the recovery of your Amazon account conveniently.

Thus, you will select the details to log in to your Amazon Account Without a Phone Number, but if you find some trouble, connect with a representative to get the issue promptly. You may obtain information for the security to recover your Amazon account without a phone number and secure your account to access its services efficiently.

Why is my password not working on Amazon?

If you struggle with the password, which is not working, you must check CAPS Lock and NUM Lock on your keyboard. Your password should be sensitive and recognized as two different passwords, and ensure you are using the correct user ID and password. To get complete help, dial the Amazon helpline at 1 800 3000 9009 and share your concern to get the answer efficiently. So, get help soon as an Amazon account is required to access using its correct user ID and password and check out the products and services.

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